Steering Committee
The TWAS Steering Committee is responsible for co-ordinated and rational use of all Academy activities and resources.

The composition and duties of the TWAS Steering Committee are set out in the Agreement between UNESCO and the Government of the Italian Republic concerning TWAS.

  • The TWAS Steering Committee is composed of one representative appointed by UNESCO, two representatives appointed by the Government of the Italian Republic, of whom one scientist, and two representatives of developing countries, one designated by the Director-General of UNESCO and the other by the Italian Government.
  • The Steering Committee ensures the proper co-ordination and rational use of all resources made available to TWAS having regard to the relevant decisions concerning the programme activities of the Academy. It submits to the Director-General of UNESCO for final approval the TWAS draft programme and budget.
  • The Steering Committee also endeavours to facilitate the functioning and activities of TWAS, and to this effect maintains liaison with the competent Italian authorities and settles any matter which may arise in connection with the establishment of the headquarters of TWAS on the Italian territory.
  • The Steering Committee ensures that the activities of TWAS, while maintaining their specificity, are co-ordinated with the international scientific institutions based in Trieste and Venice, and more specifically with those placed under the aegis of UNESCO, in order to contribute actively to the creation and development of a unified and homogeneous hub of scientific activity.
  • The Steering Committee meets at least once a year.
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