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May 2019

  • 15: Deadline to submit videos for the 3rd ISDE Video Competition, organized by the International Society of Digital Earth (ISDE), who will announce the winner in September, 2019, at Florence, Italy, during the 11th ISDE Symposium “Digital Earth in a Transformed Society”. The video should present the author’s CV and her/his the goals and objectives for contributing to the International Society for Digital Earth in order to encourage a societal transformation towards sustainability, resilience to natural disasters, etc. For more details click here.
  • 30: Deadline to submit applications for the PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries. For more information and to start your online application, please visit https://owsd.net/career-development/phd-fellowship.
  • 31: Deadline to submit nominations for the IMU Breakout Graduate Fellowship Program. Professional mathematicians are invited to nominate highly motivated and mathematically talented students from developing countries who plan to complete a doctoral degree in a developing country, including their own home country. For more details click here.

June 2019

- TWAS-CSIR Postgraduate Fellowship Programme and TWAS-CSIR Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
- TWAS-BIOTEC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
- TWAS-ICCBS Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
- TWAS-NCP Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
- TWAS-SN Bose Postgraduate Fellowship Programme and TWAS-SN Bose Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

July 2019

  • 15: Deadline to apply for several of the TWAS PhD and postdoctoral fellowhips:

- TWAS-USM Postgraduate Fellowship Programme and TWAS-USM Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
- TWAS-DBT Postgraduate Fellowship Programme and TWAS-DBT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme
- TWAS-ICCBS Postgraduate Fellowship Programme

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